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Raymond Van Barneveld

His friends and fans like to call him Barney. Raymond van Barneveld is one of the most popular and successful darts players in the world with plenty of titles under his belt. Currently he is under the Professional Darts Corporation.
Raymond has won the Darts World Championship five times. He has also won the BDO World Championships darts competition four times and taken the PDC World Championship once. Raymond van Barneveld has also claimed the UK Open as well as plenty of other competitions such as the Las Vegas Dessert Classic, the Premier League and the Grand Slam of Darts.

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Back in 2007, Raymond beat the infamous Phil Taylor in the PDC world championship. In 2008, he became the number one ranked player in the world. There are only 2 other players in darts history to have won the World Championship five times.

Van Barneveld is highly popular back in the Netherlands where he originates from. Together with his fellow country man Michael van Garwen, he aims to raise the popularity of darts in his home country. An interesting thing with Berney is that while he uses his left hand to write, darts are thrown using the right hand.

Early Career

Raymond van Barneveld has a long history of playing darts having started taking part in competitions when he was just 17 years old. His first victory was at the Rotterdam Open when he was 17 years old. That must have given him all the motivation he needed to get to where he is today.

He further went on to take part in the International Darts Circuit in 1987 and the Belgian Open in1988. In the year 1990 Raymond took part in the WDF Europe Cup Singles. Phil Taylor was also taking part and he unfortunately lost to him in the quarter finals.

Van Barneveld first took part in the World Championships back in 1991. He did not perform well and was defeated with a 0-3 score by Austria’s Keith Sullivan. In the following year, Barney also failed to make it to the World Championship. However, he did manage to reach the World Championship held in lakeside in 1993. Going head to head against John Lowe, he lost the match in the second round but left notice of his rising potential.

As can be expected, Raymond van Barneveld continued to engage in the competitions that followed such as the Berlin Open, the Belgium Open and the Finnish open. In 1995 he played the world championship and successfully reached his first world final though he did lose in the end to Richie Burnett.

Moving to PDC

Raymond van Barneveld continued to play for the BDO world championships. In 2006 he finally decided to move to the Professional Darts Corporation. When asked why he made this decision, Raymond said that he was after greater challenge and looked forward to competing against great players like Phil Taylor.

He still had the champion in him. Starting at the bottom, he worked his way up in the PDC and within twelve months was ranked number 2 and later became the world champion.

In the Premier League competition held in 2006, Raymond beat Baxter with an 8-1 lead. March 23rd was when he went against Phil Taylor, but this time Phil proved hard to beat. The results were a draw.

On his 39th birthday, Raymond van Barneveld got his rematch with Phil Taylor. It was disappointing for him as Phil won. Raymond also lost to Roland Scholten who too is from the Netherlands.

Phil’s glory was not to last and van Barneveld successfully beat him in the UK Open as well as in the Las Vegas Desert Classic.

It was in the September of 2006 that van Barneveld lost to his 17-year-old rival Michael van Garwen at the world darts trophy. Phil Taylor also beat him in the second round.

He may not have done exceptionally well after claiming his UK Open title but he did sharpen his game and went on to claim many more victories such as the 2007 PDC World Championship and the 2009 PDC World Darts Championships. He has continued ever since to make headlines in a series of wins and some losses.